CENSUS is seeking for a talented Senior Cybersecurity Training & Education Coordinator to join our Athens-based team. The position refers to our Advisory Services Director.

The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and running CENSUS education and lifelong learning program. You will work along our services BU heads, security engineers and Management team to effectively build and deliver specialized and targeted cybersecurity trainings to both CENSUS staff and customers. As part of your role, you will be responsible for creating end-to-end training paths and educational material for audiences of different level of knowledge and experience, as well as developing CENSUS cybersecurity training services.


  • Organize, run and be the primary owner of the CENSUS education & lifelong learning program.
  • Design and deliver Training Courses, with focus in cybersecurity topics, related to the services and that CENSUS offers.
  • Coordinate training delivery to enable staff up-skilling and ensure high customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improve training paths, schedules and material, using feedback from CENSUS engineers and customers.
  • Expand training courses and corresponding material into new, emerging cybersecurity topics.


  • Background in Information Security (working experience or related university diploma).
  • Three years of teaching experience of any type (lab assistant, seminar instructor, internal / corporate trainer, university course tutor etc.).
  • Experience in preparing educational material, either classroom, or computer-based.
  • Excellent presentation & communication skills.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Ability to travel (for short periods of time).

CENSUS provides:

A collaborative work environment: you will be working among exceptional engineers, highly experienced in the field of Cybersecurity, that value teamwork and knowledge sharing.

An efficient work environment: you will be provided with access to the necessary technology, training and resources in order to achieve your goals. CENSUS delivery processes will make sure that the output of your work is of high quality and presented in the best possible manner.

An environment for personal development: instead of sticking to a project or a role, we purposefully make sure that you gain experience by working on different projects and grow by practicing different roles.

A creative work environment: our engineers propose solutions to some of the most challenging technological problems, contribute to many of the company’s processes and tools, and perform leading IT Security Research with results published on major conferences and publications.

An enjoyable work environment: beyond the competitive salary and benefits, we maintain a friendly and enjoyable work environment for everyone, covering work at the office, remote work and onsite work at the customer’s premises.

CENSUS is an equal opportunity employer. The Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, pregnancy, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital, or any other legally protected status. The Company also makes reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Finally, the Company prohibits the harassment of any individual based on their protected status. This policy applies to all areas of personnel actions including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, and social and recreational programs.