CENSUS is an internationally acclaimed Cybersecurity services provider. We support the needs of multiple industries, providing IT and OT security services to public and private organizations around the world, ranging from financial institutions and critical infrastructure to automotive and secure communications, including Fortune 500 companies. Powered by cutting-edge research, scientific analysis and in-depth engineering experience across various industries & technologies, CENSUS delivers unparalleled security consulting & assessment services for products (software, services, devices, and large-scale platforms), infrastructure, and organizations.

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About the Job / Key Responsibilities

CENSUS’ bespoke cybersecurity services are built upon a talented pool of Security Engineers, whose role extends beyond mere adherence to industry best practices. We expect our Technical Leads to hold the required expertise to take on & provide technical leadership on major projects involving emerging technologies, while managing and guiding a team of security engineers & consultants in the scope of a project’s technical activities. Across various engagement types, Technical Leads are responsible for researching, analyzing, and resolving demanding technical challenges, while ensuring that the tasks of the technical team run smoothly and effectively.

We are looking for talented & ambitious professionals to grow our Product Security Professional Services team and join our ongoing mission to deliver in-depth and top-tier cybersecurity services to our valued clients. As part of this role, you will use your knowledge and experience - in the Application Security domain - to steer our clients towards efficient strategies, architectures, implementations, and integrations, so they can satisfy their cybersecurity goals. You will work side-by-side with our clients’ development and security teams & partners, under long-term projects that involve:

  • Creating, reviewing, and expanding security architectures and designs that align with the product’s security requirements.
  • Assisting in the collection, technical translation, and fine-tuning of security requirements.
  • Driving, supporting, and reviewing threat modelling, attack surface enumeration and attack tree creation activities across a range of application software domains (cloud, mobile, web, robotics, autonomous, and other special software).
  • Researching, reviewing, comparing, and proposing technologies that can satisfy the client’s established requirements, and aligning with their strategies.
  • Reviewing product security designs, documenting missing security controls, and driving analysis for security improvements.
  • Planning, executing, and supervising end-to-end security posture assessments via source code auditing, functional testing, fuzz testing and other applicable methodologies.
  • Verifying if output implementation is aligned with the products’ security architecture, requirements, and threat model.
  • Documenting and presenting product security risks in both technical and business-oriented language.
  • Managing a team of security engineers and consultants to successfully assess and research bleeding edge technologies and products.

Minimum Qualifications

  • MSc or BSc in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 8+ years of experience in application security related role. Experience can be an engineering / development position (e.g., consumer or enterprise), an assessment / consultancy role, an equivalent role in other engineering organizations, or a combination of them.
  • Proven experience of 2+ years in a leading application security architecture role.
  • Proficient in English and excellent communication skills.

Required Skills

  • In-depth exposure to security concepts, cryptography, and protocols across various Application types (cloud, web, mobile, IoT / Embedded, etc.).
  • Extensive, and leading role experience with producing & reviewing application security architecture.
  • Experience with Mobile (iOS & Android), Cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.) and Web (Frontend & Backend) platforms.
  • Experience in reading & comprehending source code, discerning business logic pitfalls, and identifying security flaws in at least one of the following groups of languages:
    • Native Applications & Libraries written in C++/C.
    • Mobile-relevant, such as Swift, Obj-C, Kotlin, Java, Dart, and JavaScript.
    • Web- and Cloud-relevant, such as Java, Ruby, Rust, Go, Python, PHP, C#, Lua, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with application authentication, authorization, identity, and access management methods, such as OAuth, SSO, JWT, PKI / Certificates, Cloud IAM, and Password-less authentication.
  • Experience with application security features and key management systems backed by secure hardware, such as Mobile Biometric authentication, Keystore / Keychain, TPM / vTPM, HSM and SE.
  • Experience with applied cryptography and cryptographic protocols, such as E2E protection, authenticated encryption, mTLS, Key Exchange / Agreement, Asymmetric PAKE, OTR, Double Ratchet, Olm/Megolm and SFrame.
  • Excellent leadership, ownership, problem solving skills, and willingness to learn/grow.

Nice-to-Have Skills

  • Familiarity with debugging, instrumenting, and profiling applications & application runtimes / middleware.
  • Familiarity with confidential computing, virtualization, enclaves, containers, and attestation technologies.
  • Familiarity with application reverse engineering and fuzz testing methods.
  • Experience in working with international teams located in other regions and time zones worldwide.

The position is linked with on-site work #LI-Onsite

CENSUS provides:

A collaborative work environment: you will be working among exceptional engineers, highly experienced in the field of Cybersecurity, that value teamwork and knowledge sharing.

An efficient work environment: you will be provided with access to the necessary technology, training, and resources in order to achieve your goals. CENSUS delivery processes will make sure that the output of your work is of high quality and presented in the best possible manner.

An environment for personal development: instead of sticking to a project or a role, we purposefully make sure that you gain experience by working on different projects and grow by practicing different roles.

A creative work environment: our engineers propose solutions to some of the most challenging technological problems, contribute to many of the company’s processes and tools, and perform leading IT Security Research with results published on major conferences and publications.

An enjoyable work environment: beyond the competitive salary and benefits, we maintain a friendly and enjoyable work environment for everyone, covering work at the office, remote work and onsite work at the customer’s premises.

CENSUS is an equal opportunity employer. The Company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, pregnancy, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital, or any other legally protected status. The Company also makes reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. Finally, the Company prohibits the harassment of any individual based on their protected status. This policy applies to all areas of personnel actions including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, and social and recreational programs.